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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

solution exchange platform 241214

social enterprise project:                                  241214

solution exchange platform 

created by matthew shek hung ma

the wish:
peace to all souls

the theory:

we are all unique, we all have unique strengths, we all have unique solutions to every problem

if we expose everyone to problems, all problems would fall 

“no matter how success a person is, he/she must have endless problems”

“no matter how trouble a person is, he/she must have endless solutions”

everyone is unique, we all experienced unique timelines and made up of unique combinations of factors, so we all have an unique way to solution for every problem

the creation:

one cent cost a little but one cent can exchange for a solution on this platform that can bring peace to endless souls

all solutions on this mobile app are in one of the four formats: audio video photo or text 

one cent per play for each audio and video and one cent per view for each photo and text 

this platform encourage the app user to create and share solution ideas for one cent earning per view 

with popular viewing the solution provider can be a billionaire over night

the company earns one cent for every ten cents transactions made and the app creator and owners sharing the net profits

everyone is full of problems and solutions

we hereby create a media for exchanging solutions with a wise, fair and effective reward system that all parties wins

we believe everyone and everything is useful in the right time at the right place and we call it-the factor

join us:

Hong Kong phone number with whatsapp and wechat applications enabled and SMS text messages mailbox:
 (+852 9194 0869) Matthew Ma

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